Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unique Relationships......

When you live in the Northeast, on a wooded mountain, with a long windy driveway that is half gravel you need a lot of help to keep it well maintained. I have my crew that I count on most of the time. My Pick Up Truck, the two Kubota tractors, the chainsaws, weed wackers, leaf blowers, lawnmowers and my John Deere Gator are my posse. Almost forgot my IPod, for without music I fear I would lose my fragile grasp on that I have on sanity.

Of course family helps when they can. When we have a foot or so of snow it's all hands on deck. But most of the time it's me and the guys doing our best to battle what nature throws our way. We head out in the morning, me full of a hearty breakfast and Advil, them full of diesel or two cycle gas. As the day goes on and both of our tanks drain we realize it's a never ending battle.

Of course, most of it is my fault. When we moved to Mt. KoKo the property was overgrown, not maintained at all. I cleared the yard around the house and never stopped - like Grant marching through the South I kept on going. What was once a few hours over the weekend to keep the yard looking good turned into weekend projects, and that was only if everything is working.

So, as weird as it may sound, I have developed relationships with "my guys". Purely platonic I assure you, there is no desire to take it to the next level (yes, I have had several dances with the weed wackers, but it's a guy thing). When you spend as much time with them as I do it helps to understand each other. I give them pep talks in the morning and at the end of a hard day I pat them and tell them "Good Job".

As in any relationship we have our problems. When the weed wackers get cranky and act up they have been hurled in anger. When the bucket loader and snow plow both died with two feet of snow on the ground I was almost reduced to tears. But the anger dies and we always patch things up. This year we have gotten along pretty good. I have kept them clean and properly lubricated (always works for me!). We try not to overwork each other. We take our lunch breaks together. I have ordered a shelter for the bucket loader to keep it enclosed during the winter months. I fear a tough winter is coming and need everyone in good spirits.

I'm just in from a long day of cutting down fallen trees, tired and a bit stinky. The couch and a restful evening are calling me. But first, I'm going to open a bottle of Cabernet and head back to the garage, chill a bit with the guys, make sure they are all in good spirits. The temperature is dropping daily and they know I need them more than they need me!

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  1. I wish my Hubby had such a strong relationship with power does the yard!