Saturday, October 9, 2010


Manventions - inventions for men. Originally I was going to talk about my love for paper towels, how I think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use them for everything, I will take a roll and wash my car, the basement floor, I stain wood with them, nuke pizza, have used them to filter sediments from older wines. I have washed face, hands and even cooled off the fun parts on a hot summer day. But paper towels lets face it, they are a gender friendly product, can be enjoyed by both Dudes and Dude-etes. But while cleaning the basement the other day, and yes going through another roll of paper towels (thank god for Price Club), I came up with a great idea, the back pack vacuum cleaner.

Now I of course checked on line to make sure they were not available, and damn if they were! Rather pricey I will say, the ones I saw were in the mid-$300 range. The one thing they all had in common was cords, they all had to be plugged in. What we need is a battery powered sucker, just strap it on and run free like Wildebeests on a Friday nite in Cowtown.

I need the think tank at Dewalt or Mikata to develop this. Nothing to heavy, a 2 1/2 gallon unit will be fine. It would need a hose that can extend about 6 feet, long enough to get the cobwebs from the ceiling corners and enough juice to last about 30 minutes. Dyson makes a nice hand held unit, but the battery quits faster than a 90 year old man after too many snorts of single malt. Of course the deluxe model would come with an I-Pad attachment and headphones!

Ladies you want to get your man more involved with the house work? Then join me on this idea. Guys love power tools, well real guys do. Leave us in the tool department at either Lowes or Home Depot and we are like kids at Toys R Us in December. Ah, the look on our face as we opened a box on Christmas morning and a new cordless backpack vacuum (the KoKoVac)  was under the wrapping! Nothing against slippers or flannel bath robes, but something we can play with? Now that is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

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  1. the KoKoVac? that sounds like one nipdoodlish idea!